Developer: MediaAtlas, based in Slovenia
Founding date: 2008

Website: http://www.mediaatlas.si


Press/Business Contact: tadej at mediaatlas.si

Phone: +38640423399

Address: Kajuhova 11, 8290 Sevnica


Previous indie releases: Cpt. Starship

There is No Box


Mediaatlas is a Slovenian Independent Game Multimedia production and software development studio.


Team & Collaborators


Tadej Fius 

Business & Development, MediaAtlas 


Sanja Lončar

Story & Game Art, MediaAtlas


Rok K. Ivančič

Art  http://rokkistuff.tumblr.com/ 




Lynsey Frost 

Narration @LynsFrostee


Aleks Katunar 

Design & Artist, Social Manager, MediaAtlas, Zaslon


Gregor Žavcer 

Cognitive Approach, PLUR


Zdravko Djordjevič 

Sound FX, http://bubaproducer.com/


Tea Kolarič



Rhy Leet

3D Modelling 


Nova deViator 

Music http://deviator.si/

Music www.Bensound.com


Tina Žen



Big thanks to Complex Vision


Produced by MediaAtlas.si 



Secretion is an action strategy game presented in third-person perspective.

The game is set in a vast and dangerous Underverse. Evolving, scavenging for loot and crafting upgrades helps you defeat the hordes of your Foes and other Planets.  Then comes The Plague - even more lethal and deadly, so you have to take care of your home planet. Find Artefacts to boost your abilities to produce and manufacture and manage your planet ecosystem.

You will need to make use of all your skills and any available means to survive in The Underverse.