Players comments


We collected some of the comments from Secretion players from both iOS and PC version.



Siry6: En tout cas j'adore le design ! 



Turzel_ : Is a bit buggy and does not have a good tutorial so I couldn't figure out what to do because of the odd gameplay mechanics. Other than that this game looks very pretty and has an interesting story. This has potential and I recommend keeping an eye on this game.


Scjb254: Great game, storyline and graphics. It has some issues, so devs - polish it. It runs great on my ipad mini 2. This game has some of ogames addiction to it. Will be playing it more for sure!



I don't like writing reviews but I feel like people aren't giving this game the credit it deserves. It runs well for me (iPhone 5s), the graphics are wonderful, the gameplay is wonderful, literally nothing bad I can say about this game. 


Windninja: Horrible Wouldn't get past the start menu <- well you do know it requires persistent network and it will not work without it? 




soon to come