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Hush Hush

25. March 2016


Official release.






Greenlit On Steam

Confidant, Maj 2015


Countdown to fall begins.


We hope that we will meet expectations of all those that voted for us.




PC & Mac & Linux Release

Navigator, January 2015


Release is available on 


We are accepting new recruits

Navigator, December 2014


Those of you who want to join our ranks in closed beta should contact us. 

Not all will be accepted and not all will survive.


Reboot Infogamer 2014

Navigator, November 2014


For the first time, I scanned out this small planet its inhabitants call Earth. Small planet orbiting small sun. They do not understand what will happen to them once we come to save them. 


There are many so called "indie" groups, working on their nice projects. A nice community of subject worth to be taken and saved from the menace that is coming. While it seems that most of inhabitants of this planet are not aware of pollution crisis and do nothing about it. For them there is no hope. 

Independant Review 

Confidant, April 2015


Thanks to Jeremy Wong our PC alpha release just got reviewed at 


Mind that you can play with WASD and yes, micromanagement part is esoteric. We must do a proper tutorial (blush). We listen and we shall improve. Thanks Jeremy for all your effort, you deserve a special place in our underverse.