Workshop tips


Tired of proceduraly generated content? Why not create your own levels then. Its simple. Let your imagination loose and create your own experience for Hush Hush. 

Coming in version 1.1

Paint your level

Use brush size slider to set brush size, then add paint with left mouse button and remove with right mouse button. Once satisfied disable "Brush active" and continue to next step. 


NOTE: Once you play your level, generators will spawn minerals and other stuff, if you do not disable them explicitly.

Create entry and exit

Drag each item from lower deck onto map. After you placed both required items and if path from start till end exists, you can already save and publish your level. But fun does not end here.

Totems and factories

Totems and factories function differently than in campaign game. Totems can regenerate spirit and health to any creature that encounters them.

Factories spawn creatures on time. Set team they belong to, their type and option to attack creatures from other teams. They always attack player.


Creature types: 

Guardian - holds position and attack other creatures, but return to their home position after.

Wanderer - wanders around level

Seeker - seeks player only  

Coward - will run away from other creatures and teams


NOTE: Creatures will spawn in edit mode, so you can see how they work and where they go. They'll only attack other creatures that are spawned from other factories. If you paint anything on your level, they will be cleared and then produced by factories. 



Place triggers that spawn other creatures or items.