Hush Hush


Available on Steam


Hush Hush is a scare jumper.  You run and something tries to scare you. Its an action arcade mixed with survival horror elements. Play with headphones or on really huge speakers with windows open.


It is procedurally generated fiction game where player explores underground caves filled with dangerous traps and monsters to liberate the caves from curse.


You have one life. Fail and you start from scratch.


Scattered throughout caves are several items that boost character performance. Only when one finds sufficient number of items can he enter absolution and be able to solve the mystery of a roaming ghost. 

  • unlimited number of levels, procedurally generated 

  • unique story line and player experience

  • replay value in generated dynamic maps

  • fear inducing atmosphere with generated scare sequences

  • requires balance between patience and speed


Don't look at red light.