My first experience with Secretion

written by MuhAhum




I downloaded this game. I started it up, entered user name, waited for login process to finish when slideshow with narration in background began. After 10 or so slides  “puff” first screen with orange glowing sun surrounded by numerous icons appears. What are all these icons for? Tutorial is there, but explains only basic functionality how the process of building things work. It sucks, as do must tutorials in casual free games.


Ok so here i am, looking at this glowing sun and i managed to somehow get my industry on planet working. If you can read you will figure it out. I had built factories and most of other stuff. Production was working. Ships being build automatically and population consuming my biological items. But Is that it ? 250 Mb, huge size for mobile game and this is what i get? An orange bulb, and rotating sphere. This can’t be all. Not with all these icons that i wished for just moments ago. 

So i started experimenting. I pressed top right icon and a map appears. i can see some look like blue galaxies and others like exploding planets. Blue are sectors and planets are players. You can click on other players and visit them, but you can only click bright blue galaxies. So i go with first bright blue sector. A ship appears in space with items distributed in depth. I pressed on yellow galaxy, and the ship moves. And then nothing. I pressed again. Plop. Some small text appears. Can’t see it, too small. Ok. What now. I press on white galaxy, and the ship moves to it. Again nothing. So i pressed again on white galaxy. Plop. again small text appears, too small to read. I then notice text on the left - aha so this is how i mine. I need to double press on item to mine it. OK. one thing solved. So I move from one celestial object to another, some are hard to find, while others appeared only, if I mined object nearby. But what the heck are those icons on the right? They have no description and they seem to appear randomly based on celestial body that i just mined. 


I pressed on diamond or something and a mini game starts, it was simple i just ran to the right toward X, and swipe makes my character to evade. Alright. So X marks the spot. Now we are moving somewhere. 


This icons on the right, each of them starts a mini game and if you complete them successfully you will get additional resources. I somehow managed to find out that “totem” is an artefact and it upgrades hangar to new level in a mini game of dogfight where you control your ship with invisible virtual joysticks on the left and fire on the right. They are hard to find and to see, but are most rewarding and you need them if you want to have bigger army. Just observe bottom right corner for it.


After you complete the mini game you are returned back to sector map, where you continue to mine. My resources seem to multiply the more mini games i successfully complete. The skull with red eyes. What the heck is this now? I pressed on it and a planet appears in front of me. ok. What now. Where’s the X? Nothing. Well, what did they want to say with this one? A small bright spot on planet might be something. Blam. It goes off in bright flash and huge explosion follows. But must i wait for planet to slowly move to find all the cities? So i dragged the ship around and planet rotates. I annihilated all the cities i could find and after i fired all the shots i was returned back to sector. Well that was sadistic, that somehow satisfied my gamers soul. I just became eradicator of a planet population and i felt 

My resources multiplied, but it only displayed in dialog how much my ship carries. Why are they not transferred ? It states i have 1010 of energy, but i can not go anywhere anymore. Annoying. I pressed the little house in a circle and well look at that: my resources are added to my planet. Just marvellous. So i have to go to sector, mine celestial bodies and play mini games to multiply them? 


And i get upgrades if i finish mini games successfully? Well ok. But what is the point, I still don’t get it. So i finally managed to get to last celestial body in a sector, a bright yellow glowing galaxy, looking the same as the first one i pressed when i entered sector map. I mined it and look at the devil, it seems I’ve found an exit and an entrance to new sector. Ok. So i mine objects, multiply resources, and search for entrances into next sectors for a while. I go through 14 or so sectors. My ship excavators and detectors are at level 20, my hangar at level 10. Some slides with story were played at some exits from sector. My loot it huge, 60k when i go home. But all my factories are almost at 0%. I rebuild them and make more biological items as it started complaining that population is starving. 


O, check this out: A battle log, latest battles in the universe. All that is happening online and look at this, there were some players at my home planet too, but somehow I managed to defend my planet. It looks like most of the players do not know how to upgrade the hangar and no, you do not need to pay for hangar upgrade with energy, you only need to search sectors for totems and win aerial battles. I would suggest that you get first two upgrades of hangar with energy, as you would have a head start once you find the first artefact, you we’ll be already at level 3. So my hangar is now at level 10, 160 drones, 80 shuttles, 40 transporters. I can build everything really fast. I upgraded my defences to level 5 for my planet will be harder to loot then.


I went back to battle log and pressed “Charge SC.XX”. A planet appears. Well what is this now? I press on planet, not reading any text because I am a gamer and i know what it will say. Wrong. I invaded a guy with 400 drones. His armada eradicated me in 10 seconds. And home i go. It looks like all the battles are done with same amount of ships, they are stronger for a factor of how may ships you have and you do not loose all of them, just the amount sent to battle. So i lost 16 drones, 5 shuttles and 3 transporters. Actually not so bad punishment. I repaired my factories, so they can build in background while i go looting another player. This time i try to find some one that has less drones than me or slightly more, just for fun, to see if i can beat him. So i manage to defeat his army and i bombard his planet and then I tried to land and again what the heck is this?


How do you land and where do you land? X marks the spot and you move left/right by pressing left or right of the descending ship. Good luck with this one, there is no mini game like this in sector map and will eat your nerves, as it requires much higher concentration then usual mini games and if you fail to land on X, your invasion will fail to. So i managed to land, i destroyed all cannons while I sprinted to obelisk, then managed to defend it somehow. I had to use perks (icons) on left (bomb, shield, heal, lightning and spawn stopper) and then i was running back to my shuttle, avoiding any fights with NPC. There are too many, and the point is to go back to X, not to fight them off.


The dogfight was hard, but somehow i managed to clear the space and then “drumroll” … another scene? You got to be kidding me? Where the hell does this one come from and what the hell do I do now? 

After some attempts I managed to “park” my shuttle into red opening of the large transporter ship and it felt like I am targeting rectum of a creature with another creature. Slick. No grease needed.


So what else does this game hold for me? I have no bloody idea, I will explore some more and will let you know. And what the heck is the story about ? And who is the guy with planet-like ship? 


Can i contract infection and how can i cure it? Oh and it seems that when you create a user, you can define your clan with dot. So clan.username, do not leave it auto-generated. It’s boring. Come on people, have some imagination.


Beware: this is not a casual game, it requires thought and time to play it and do not expect that it will be easy. Its obscure and it demands a gamer in you. It has a deep statement and beautiful art. AND it eats battery like mad grasshopper eats salad. Hope devs can do something about it. 


Thanks muhahum for this post. We can scale down resolution to reduce battery consumption, but image quality will suffer.

I tried desperately to understand this game but there are far too many components to the game and they're not presented in an intelligible way. It is a giant narrative, strategy game with all sorts of combat systems and resource management systems and it really throws the player into the deep end. The video tutorial was no help and I could barely make my way through initial tasks. It is also confusing that there are multiple versions of the game, including the PC version and iPad versions that split the motion comic/story and gameplay into different apps. This may be a good game if you're an expert who understands it.

This could be a great micro-management game, but needs a number of improvements.


The tutorial needs work, and it will be the number one factor in determining whether anyone will play your game or not. The biggest issue is that we're told WHAT to do, but not WHY: how it impacts the other aspects of gameplay, what happens when resources are limited, and how expansion will allow us to grow. Although the story is compelling, I find myself not caring at all about my performance in the game, because exactly how my actions impact the progression aren't clear at all.

I love the mix of game modes, and the graphics are slick. The UI could certainly use some work, as they are lacking both visually and organizationally. Although it took me a long time to figure out the controls, I took special delight in my first attack on another world.

I would recommend an offline isolated experience to teach and demonstrate all the game modes in a non-permanent, safe environment, until the player is ready to venue forth.