The Elders
Head Priestes

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


They have heard of Elders in stories.  An ancient race mastered transcendental and time-space continuum eons ago. With their superior technology and knowledge, they act as Guardians of balance in universe.  


Then they came, warped from subspace directly above the planet. Their invasion was quick and decisive. Resistance was futile. They took people and Captain Petrel was one of them. 


Secretion is mixed gameplay game where user must take care of its planet, protect from invaders and undo the wrong doings that pushed the universe out of balance. 


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Secretion was Greenlight on Steam !


Complete multiple game play modes to loot other players planets: 
-RTS space combat: control your army to defeat opponent 
-Action: annihilate planetary defences 
-Arcade: Land on planet at designated spot 
-Shooter: fight your way to obelisk, defend it and return back to shuttle
-Space flight: defeat final defences and return to your transporter to bring back resources
-Micromanagement: mine resources on your planet to reinforce your armada. Manager resources for your population on your unique planet
-Market:Trade resources in market and buy artefacts to gain additional bonuses.
-Diplomacy: Establish friendly contacts with other players, send them reinforcements or resources or simply challenge them. 
-Story: travel through sectors 42 to unveil compelling story and upgrade your hangar, excavator and detectors. Beautiful cut scenes, hand drawn by Rok Ivančič, will tell you the story that starts in parallel universe where Captain Starship left and as you explore sectors of the universe, story will unveil further. 
-Save the universe from upcoming cataclysm of Red Plague 



  • Players must properly exploit resources not to cause biological, energetic, atmospheric or seismic collapse on their planets 

  • Each Player takes care of own unique generated planet 

  • Millions of generated planets for players to loot plus other players planets  to loot

  • Player control up to 10 planets and armada build on each planet

  • diplomacy dialog with other players

  • buy and sell resources 

  • buy additional artefacts to help in your production

Mixed Mechanics
  • Turn based strategy when mining planets

  • Crafting of new game items  

  • Real-Time strategy when attacking other planets  

  • Arcade when landing on planet 

  • Action third person when looting on planet

  • Explore universe to progress through story

  • Manage planets population and provide them with adequate resources 

  • Build massive armada

  • Protect & Conquer

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The Universe is yours to keep,

Once you see it, grab it, don’t let it slip away.


However vast the darknes, we must supply our own light. 
- Stanely Kubrick