Exploration of relationship between imagination and reason in our judgment of what is beautiful is to be regarded as a presentation of an indeterminate concept of understanding of what is needed.

Goal of the game is to get circles to fill all empty stars. Don't let two of same color touch. Tap to send circles to be recycled for energy. Strategy how to complete levels is left to a player to devise.

I tried to explore time between actions when our thoughts easily drift away to act as main mechanics Balance of rational thought and amount of perception is not easily achieved and depends on lots of factors. It can be smooth, soft, almost meditating or can quickly turn into obnoxious and irritating experience, when missing one moment can quickly bring down rational thought and perception resulting in even more mess.

One could say half of the game plays by it self, which is partially true.
The inability to directly control resources will turn away some players for sure yet moving past this restriction results in an inner relief when releasing acquired circles to gain energy. Think of sacrifice for greater good. Accept the feeling of rapture and attempt to delve into metaphysical secret of how to let it go.

Game has no built-in analytics, no snooping of users, no in app purchases, no leader boards, no adds. I don't think game such as this needs any of the burden and additional emotional attachment of player to compete against others and we do not need to know how long you stayed in game or whatever games usually track. (I could be wrong). It's meant to better yourself, to stop for few minutes and just enjoy in your thoughts wondering what is going on. This is a clean simple semi-arcade puzzle where most of the time you'll just watch. If you decide to buy it then I hope you'll enjoy. Your contribution will be much appreciated.