Asset store references


Hush Hush is made in Unity and since we are really a small team and are working on games in our free time we use assets from asset store a lot.


Monsters are from Characters Creature pack from Asset Store. We liked their looks and thought that they would perfectly fit our environment.!/search/page=1/sortby=popularity/query=publisher:6845 

in later levels there are hidden ancient items with meshes from!/content/41972 

There are some minerals used from content pack that we need to find out which one. 


Shaders and effects:

UBER shaders!/content/39959 
modified Cinematic effects:!/content/51515 
modified atmospheric scattering!/content/39939 
some post-processing effects from!/content/44845 
SE natural bloom and dirty lenses!/content/17324 

Amplify motion:!/content/4243

...probably not all of used assets are listed here, we did not intentionally leave any one out.


We are grateful to authors that they put such remarkable assets to the store.  We modified most of them to better fit this game setting, but still this game would not look exists without your assets. Thank you.


Some might say, eh you are using assets from others. But hey, we can say. yes we do. We buy them and use them and give credits for it. We could not tell our stories without them.