What is Secretion ?


Secretion is a game depicted in a universe, where civilizations have knowlede to travel among stars.


Where can I get a game ?


Game is not release yet. You can however download a graphic novel from Apple AppStore 
Please note that graphic novel is just a novel and not a whole game. If you want to know the story and do not want to play the game, you can download it and see all the story in 20 minutes. 


What platforms will it be on ?


At first we will release it as a mobile MMO game for iOS. Then we will do PC port along with a special Artefact Defense game, done specificaly for Kinect v2. A preview of the game was show at Reboot infogamer 2014. 



Who did it ?


The game was put together by Tadej Fius, with help of Sanja Lončar for the story and art. All the images were hand drawn by Rok K. Ivančič and made into cutscenes by Tadej. Voice over was done by Lynsy Frost, while SFX are by Zdravko Djordjevič. Additional credits go to Aleks Katunar and Gregor Žavcer, more info about the rest of the crew is in the press


I have a question that is not here, where can i get more answers ?


You can always contact us. Or you wait for Elders to come and ask them, it might take a while for them to come.