Hick is musician who loves to play his beloved instrument. He is a Tuba player and it means everything to him. There is only Tuba and nothing else matters. So this guy went on vacation into a jungle forest somewhere in Africa and got lost somehow.   

But ... reality shows this is not exactly the case. As it turns out, he has no musical talent. Maybe he knows rhythm, but ear for tone is gone. 

Nothing. Nada. Rien. Zero. Void. Sit down 1. -F#.  


Sound goes out into the ether of reality without any tonal composition at all and irritates monkeys to such a level that even bananas will not hold them back for long before they try to take his Tuba away and end Hick's miserable playing. He must lure them with bananas to get back his instrument. Sometimes he decides to chase them or hit them with things like David. Not very clever this Hick is, I tell you.  

This game is made with all due respect to Tuba players. You know who you are. And to those that have no music talent but still love music. And to those that have talent, but don't use it. And to all who love music. And especially to those that don't. And to monkeys. Too bad they don't play.